RedStream is a boutique recruitment advisor for clients and candidates.

If you’re hiring, we’ll stop at nothing to understand the core of what you’re looking for in a candidate. And then we’ll keep going until we find as close of a match as humanly possible. 

If you want to be hired, we’ll genuinely listen to what you want in a career, based not just on your unique skill set, but also on you…the human being beyond your resume. 

This is high-touch, hands-on recruiting, for the people behind the jobs.

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People-Centered Recruiting for Candidates and Enterprise-Level Companies

We humanize the staff augmentation process to find talented, long-term candidates for technical and creative roles in non-tech sectors.

At RedStream, we believe good recruiting is personal, not transactional. Job descriptions and resumes are flat. We want to talk to you — and get to know the multidimensional person behind the paper.

If you’re a hiring manager

Let’s discuss the nuance of what you need in your new hire. We both know it’s never as simple as finding someone with what seems like the right job title. Tell us about the soft skills this person should have to succeed on your team.

If you’re looking for work

Share your aspirations for finding an employer who values your skillset and your quality of life. We’re here to listen to who you are and what you do, and place you on a team that appreciates both.

‘Going the extra mile’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about RedStream.

Hiring Manager
What We Do
For Hiring Managers

Our supplemental staffing services go beyond the job description to find your ideal technical or creative candidate.

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What We Do
For Job Candidates

Our staffing firm’s recruiting process doesn’t just care about your resume. We want to know you & find you a role to thrive in.

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