Relentlessly Pursuing Hard-To-Find Talent (So You Don’t Have To)

You need to augment your team to meet upcoming deadlines. But you can’t devote all your time to hiring for fear of stalling current projects. 

Let us do our job — placing reliable technical and creative candidates with relevant experience — so you can do yours.

We’re a Recruiting Firm. But Not That Kind of Recruiting Firm.

It’s true the team at RedStream prides itself on getting the right people in the right seats at your company. But doesn’t every recruiting firm say that? And what does “right” really mean?

It’s our process for placing candidates that sets us apart. And more importantly, makes your life easier. 

First off, we’re ‘talk on the phone’ kind of people.

Job descriptions are one-dimensional. It’s only when we get on a call that we can truly understand the bespoke skillset you’re seeking in a candidate. Your job ad says you need a graphic designer. But our discussion reveals you actually need a graphic designer with the chops to write social media posts. Now we’re off to the races, in search of a unicorn graphic designer turned Instagram influencer.

Regardless of what your unicorn looks like, a paragraph on a page isn’t going to tell us what we need to know to bring that person to you.

We Can Help With

Role Definition
Expert Recruiting
Candidate Testing
Cultural Alignment
Ongoing Support

‘Going the extra mile’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about RedStream.

Hiring Manager

We respect your time too much to make you do the heavy lifting.

We’d never load 17 resumes into a portal and shoot you an email telling you to sift through them yourself. We know hiring is (so very) far from your only responsibility. 

Our high-touch client service means we’re the ones combing through resumes (and talking to candidates on the phone, since that’s how we roll). When we’ve found a few ideal candidates, we’ll present you with detailed write-ups on each explaining why they align with your needs.

We specialize in placing candidates into technical and creative positions.

At the end of the day, who you bring onto your team (even temporarily) reflects directly on you. Together, we can make you look like a rockstar for selecting a killer candidate. Let’s schedule that good, old-fashioned phone call. 

Technical Positions

We keep up to date with the constantly-changing technologies and qualifications that matter so that you don’t have to.

Creative Positions

We understand the experience and capabilities that make creative positions unique and creative candidates thrive in them.