Recruiters that Care About Your Career Satisfaction (Not Just Your Resume)

What do you want to do next?

That’s the first thing the recruiters at RedStream will ask you. And we do mean ask. Because when you entrust us with finding your next role, we never begin by rattling off a list of openings you look good for on paper. You’re not a commodity. Putting butts in seats as quickly as possible is so not our M.O. 

Your past experience, what makes you tick, your preferred working hours, where you do and don’t want to work — we want to get to know you fully. Sharing names and pictures of your human and fur babies is optional, but encouraged. 

These intricacies are inherent to any well-built and satisfying career. Only when we know these details about you can we place you in a position that relies on your unique combination of abilities. And where those abilities will be valued. 

Matching Your Talent to the Right Team

We routinely find positions for creative, digital, and technical professionals at enterprise-level companies. So whether you’re a software whiz or a wordsmith, we’ve got you covered. 

Oh, and we’ll never leave you in the dark as you await placement. No one needs the added anxiety of radio silence from their recruiter when they’re job hunting, so we’ll be in touch frequently as we move through the process together. 

Know that when you work with RedStream, you have more than a team of recruiters with a proven track record in your corner. You have a built-in cheerleading section and a group of advocates looking out for your next big career move. 

Let us be your fan club. Let’s do this job search thing, together. 

We Can Help With

Role Definition
Expert Recruiting
Candidate Testing
Cultural Alignment
Ongoing Support