The Lowdown on Your New Job Champions

RedStream is a recruitment firm for technical, digital, and creative talent — and the companies that hire them.

But that’s just our business spiel. How about a little on us?

The team at RedStream is downright obsessed with placing the right people in the right positions. It’s never about filling a quota or completing a transaction. It’s the thrill of matching a talented professional with an exciting opening that’s kept us in the recruiting game since 2007. 

People-Centered Recruiting

At RedStream, we believe good recruiting is personal, not transactional. Job descriptions and resumes are flat. We want to talk to you — and get to know the multidimensional person behind the paper.

Nuances Matter

If you’re a hiring manager, let’s discuss the nuance of what you need in your new hire. We both know it’s never as simple as finding someone with what seems like the right job title. Tell us about the soft skills this person should have to succeed on your team.

Actually You

If you’re looking for work, share your aspirations for finding an employer who values your skillset and your quality of life. We’re here to listen to who you are and what you do, and place you on a team that appreciates both.

Our Team

You can get to know us a little better by reading our bios below. But here’s the thing: This isn’t about us. What we truly want is to get to know you — the person on the other end of the job — by working together. Reading our bios (we hope) is a means to that end. So, take a look: