Here at RedStream we're all about placing the right people in the right positions, not just filling a quota. We listen to both the client and candidate's needs and ensure the entire process is a conversation, not just a transaction. We know there are people on the other end of these jobs, and we never treat candidates or clients as a commodity.

It's not a success until both our client and candidate are happy. Let us help you find success, no matter which side of the process you're on. Want to know a little more about who you're working with? Check out the bios below and give us a call at 646.688.5640, or drop us a line.



Sioux is RedStream’s co-founder and recruiting wizard, she asks all the right questions, and remembers all the answers. Sioux absolutely loves connecting with new candidates and finding them their ideal role, something she’s been doing successfully for more than 15 years.

Her warm and infectious laugh can often be heard throughout the office, but when all is quiet there’s a good chance she’s Googling and diagnosing symptoms on WebMD. 

Give Sioux a call at 212.568.0389.

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Pieter is the multi-hat-wearing, Excel spreadsheet loving, dry humored co-founder of RedStream who keeps us all in line. His patience and ability to see things from multiple angles make him the perfect back office savant who has his hands in a little bit of everything.

Pieter keeps RedStream running smoothly, while regularly providing the office with some laughs. 

Give Pieter a call at 646.688.5711.

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Nate Agudelo

Recruiting Coordinator/Lawng Eyelunder

A dedicated and effective multitasker, it took us weeks to figure out when, and if, Nate ever slept. Serving as our recruiting coordinator, he’s at his best taking on fast-paced, competitive work, and is an excellent career resource.

Nate has also been a violinist for 20 years strong, knows over a hundred different ways to make mac and cheese, and helps round out the picture by giving our office a touch of Long Island charm.

He sleeps on the train, by the way.

Give Nate a call at 646.688.4051

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Brett Goodman

Recruiter/Modern Day Coltrane

Born and raised a stone’s throw away in Glen Rock, New Jersey, Brett is a top recruiter with years of experience and no short amount of accomplishments to his name.

Brett has also studied jazz performance and has an eye for the tenor sax. He has requested that we transform one of our kitchenettes into a soundproof studio in which he can practice Baker Street.

Our decision is pending.

Give Brett a call at 646.688.3571

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