You’re expected to distill your expertise into one page of copy…a resume. But just because your written qualifications technically check the boxes on a job spec, it doesn’t mean the position, holistically, is for you. You’ll lose it if you see one more job description for a position that doesn’t even make use of the unique abilities you’ve honed over the course of your career. 

In the past, even when recruiters have sent you an opening you’re interested in, they go dark. The lack of recruiter communication during job searches has made an already anxiety-ridden situation tenfold worse.

You want your recruiter to hear you so you only see job descriptions for roles that meet your professional needs and suit your lifestyle. At RedStream, we will hear you because we lead by listening. Give us the chance to find you a role you’re not only interested in, but genuinely excited about.

‘Going the extra mile’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about RedStream.

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Our staffing firm’s recruiting process doesn’t just care about your resume. We want to know you & find you a role to thrive in.

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