If you had asked me back in December how I thought the start of 2020 was going to go, hardly could I imagine then that riding out a viral pandemic from the confines of my small Bushwick apartment was in the realm of possibility. In fact, it was unfathomable to me at the time. Sounds familiar? I thought it might.

Honestly, one year into my career at RedStream Technology and things were starting to line up. Countless hours of prospecting, outreach, and relationship building completed in 2019 were laying the ground work for an impressive start to 2020. Clients were hiring (December being a strong showing for us of new job requisitions), meetings to discuss project needs for the new year were being booked, and overall things were moving a million miles a minute.

Flash forward a few months, and oh, how fundamentally things have shifted. Hiring is still ongoing for my clients, many of whom are still adjusting to the new digital world, and spring’s meetings are looking like mid-summer night dreams. My Q1 pipeline’s doom and gloom aside, not all is lost for tech recruiting during the current state of affairs. In fact, Financial Times and Data Economy  quite recently listed tech hiring as continuing to ramp up even in the midst of the current Covid-19 pandemic in the US.

For all of us, reports like these should come as a sort of light at the end of the tunnel during this strange time. The world’s not ending, the markets will recover, and business is continuing on the best it can during all of this. How we rise to the occasion, or fall, will be greatly impacted by the strategies we and our employers outline and implement. For my team and I, our approach to all this uncertainty has consisted of doubling down on the experience our candidates and clients have, and ensuring they know we’re here to support them any way we can during this trying time.

Don’t get me wrong. The coming days will be challenging for many of us, I do not doubt that at all. But offering a hand to each other during them will make all the difference. Whether it be reviewing an outdated resume, providing interviewing tips, discussing hiring trends or market insights, I want to make sure I am offering whatever help I can to my fellows in the wider Technology ecosystem of New York City. So, if you have been impacted by the recent market volatility, or are taking this time to update your professional credentials to re-enter the job market, please do reach out.

But most of all…

Be well,

Rob Masters