As soon as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve a good portion of the population declares that this will finally be their year. Maybe that means finding a significant other, reconnecting with old friends, dropping a few inches from their waistline, or, as studies show, make it a point to find a new job.

So where do you start? What’s the best plan of attack?

January is the biggest month for job seekers. Unfortunately, the number of job openings doesn’t increase at the same rate as the employees looking to jump ship and head for greener pastures. So how do you make sure your chances are better than everyone else’s?

First, be committed. The perfect opportunity rarely finds you, you have to find it. Be diligent in your searches and check the job boards regularly. Finding a new job can be a fulltime job in itself. Treat it that way.

Second, network, network, network. Talk to hiring managers, talk to friends of friends in careers you’re interested in, make recruiters your best friend, basically, make it a point to chat with anyone who can give you any advice or direction. This can open doors you never even knew were closed, and getting on the right persons good side may end up landing you a role down the road somewhere.

Lastly, don’t feel defeated. Searching for jobs can be a long, extremely drawn out process, and the feeling of defeat can make it easy to throw in the towel. Don’t.  The right job will come sooner or later; you just have to believe it.

In the meantime, stack the odds in your favor with a team of recruiters who will fight for you from start to finish. Those recruiters are here at RedStream. Check out our About Us section and give one of our amazing recruiters a call and your 2016 will only get better.