Clients: You don’t want 20% (or more) of your job to be spent hiring.

You want to get your hands dirty alongside your team, doing whatever it is you were actually hired for. But you need to be appropriately staffed first. 

Of course, you’ve tried other recruiting firms — to no avail. 

Who has time to read through dozens of resumes in some portal? Certainly not you. And besides, when you have made the time to analyze resumes from recruiters, you’re dumbfounded by what you see. You wonder: Were they even paying attention when I listed the job requirements? Because you definitely mentioned you need someone on the east coast who’s OK taking early calls from London. And yet the majority of resumes are for west coasters. 

You just want a recruiter who will listen to you. Someone with the industry expertise to understand the job requirements you lay out for them — even when they’re technical and complex, or soft skills-based and intangible. 

Candidates: You are more than your resume.

And just because your qualifications check the boxes on a job spec, it doesn’t mean the position, holistically, is for you. You’ll lose it if you see one more job description for a position that doesn’t even make use of the unique abilities you’ve honed over the course of your career. 

In the past, even when recruiters have sent you an opening you’re interested in, they go dark. The lack of recruiter communication during job searches has made an already anxiety ridden situation tenfold worse. 

Clients and candidates: You want to be heard.

Clients, you want your recruiter to hear you so you only get a curated set of candidates that are genuinely right for you. And candidates, you want your recruiter to hear you so you only see job descriptions for roles that meet your professional needs and suit your lifestyle. 

At RedStream, we promise to listen — no matter which side of the hiring process you’re on. Let us get to know you. 

‘Going the extra mile’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about RedStream.

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